Andrew Hannon


For more information about any of the following works, please email me.


Longing for Summer (2014)

Duration: 12’ PDF perusal score
3(3rd doub on picc.),3,3,3/4,3,2+bass trb,1/timp+2perc/str

Was, Then Was Not (2016)
Duration: 6’ 30"
piano 4-hands

Commissioned by Duo Korusa

Still Tension(2014)
Duration: 10’
vln, vla, vc, pn

Lockstep (2014)
Duration: 4’
Commissioned by Appalachian Trombone Ensemble
6 ten. trb, 2 bass trb

Skin Under Stress (2014)
Duration: 8’45”
bass drum quartet

6 Lost Fables (2008)
Duration: 15’
fl, cl, perc, pn, vln, vc

Eternal Enamor (2007)
Duration: 12’
s.sax, pn
for Ian Jeffress
Published by Dorn Publications

Reflextions (2006)
Duration: 10’
ob, cl, bsn, vc, perc


Night Watch (2016)
Duration: 7’ 30”
vla and live broadcast

Commissioned by Metiney Suwanawongse

News Flash (2015)

Duration: 7’ 30”

a.sax, video

Commissioned by Ian Jeffress

Elementary Rhythms (2014)
Duration: 11’ 45”
e.bass, cd  

Two Lost Loves (2014)
Duration: 7’ 25”
Commissioned by Jeremy Wohletz
cl, cd  

Fableously (2012)  

Duration: 14’ 30”
Commissioned and choreographed by Southern Illinois Dance Company
st. quart., cd

Matchbox Mashup (2012)
Duration: 8’30”
st. quart., cd

Droidal Romance (2008)
Duration: 8’
a. sax, cd
Commissioned by Matt Younglove

Faux Cussed (2007)
Duration: 8’
sax quart., cd