Eternal Enamor (2007)

soprano saxophone and piano

Duration: 12'

score and parts available at Dorn Publications

Still Tension (2014)

vln, vla, vc, pno

Duration: 10'

PDF sample

score and parts $15

Lockstep (2014)

trombone octet (6 tenor, 2 bass)

Duration: 4'   

PDF sample

commissioned by Appalachian State Trombone Ensemble

score and parts $15

Two Lost Loves (2014)

clarinet and cd

Duration: 7' 25"

PDF sample

commissioned by Jeremy Wohletz

score and cd  $8

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Andrew Hannon


Skin Under Stress (2014)

bass drum quartet

Duration: 8' 45"

PDF sample

score and parts $15

Faux Cussed (2007)

saxophone quartet and cd or drumset

Duration: 8'

PDF sample


score and parts $15

News Flash (2015)

a. sax and video

Duration: 7'30"

PDF sample

score and files $8